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New Hampshire Information and Links

New Hampshire (NH)
•Nickname: “The Granite State”
•Capital: Concord
•9th State to enter the Union on June 12, 1788.
•Motto: “Live Free or Die” ~General John Stark
•First of the original 13 colonies to declare independence from England.

New Hampshire Official State Symbols:
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NH State Seal
NH State Flag
NH State Animal

White Tailed Deer
NH State Flower

Purple Lilac
NH State Tree

White Birch
NH State Emblem

Old Man of the Mountain

NH State Bird

Purple Finch

NH State Insect


New Hampshire Fast Facts:
•Governor: Jeanne Shaheen
•Area: 9,027 square miles
•Population: 1,185,000 people (est. 1998)
•NH was named after the English county of Hampshire.
•Home to the highest point in the Northeast, Mount Washington, 6,288 feet.
•Home to the First-In-The-Nation Presidential Primary. Check out other NH Firsts.
Want more information about New Hampshire? Visit the New Hampshire Almanac or explore a postcard site.

NH Info
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