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Franklin Pierce for Kids

“The dangers of a concentration of all power in the general government of a confederacy so vast as ours are too obvious to be disregarded.” ~Inaugural Address


Presidential Facts:
•Elected as the 14th President on the Democratic ticket, replacing Millard Fillmore.
•Served as President: March 4, 1853 - March 4, 1857.
•Vice President: William R. King
•Secretary of War: Jefferson Davis
•Campaign slogan: “We Polked you in 1844, we shall Pierce you in 1852!”
See campaign artifacts.
Read Pierce's Inaugural Address, Friday, March 4, 1853.
•Pierce was the first and only president to “affirm” the oath of office and not “swear” to it on a Bible.

Events of Pierce's Presidency:
•Gadsden Purchase, 1853. Purchased land which is now southern Arizona and part of New Mexico.
•Kansas-Nebraska Act, 1854. Overturned the Missouri Compromise which allowed settlers living in the Kansas and Nebraska territories to decide whether or not to allow slavery. This decision let to a conflict known as “Bloody Kansas” which had an effect on the course of US history.
•Trade treaty between US and Japan signed.

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